The “Black Spider” project extends to student activists: Arrest and building case against Mohammad Yousefi

Mohammad Yousefi, graduate student at Tehran’s Amirkabir University majoring in shipbuilding has for two months been quietly held in detention controlled by the IRGC while officials of the Cyber Police are creating a case against the former Green activist. According to Daneshjoonews, the commander of the Cyber Police security forces in a statement announced the arrest of a 27-year old Amirkabir University student referred to as “M.Y.” The Cyber Police

Mahdieh Golru released after three months in detention

 Mahdieh Golru was released on 700 million tomans bail after spending three months in temporary detention. The student activist who is banned from continuing her education at Allameh University was detained on October 26 during a raid of her home by IRGC forces. Several days before her arrest Golru had taken part in a peaceful gathering outside the Tehran parliament building in protest of the acid attacks that had taken

Saba Sherdoust: Instead of arresting the perpetrators of the acid attacks, Mahdieh Golru was detained

Daneshjoonews – While officials have made no arrests of the assailants who committed the recent acid attacks, their intense focus has been detaining those who spoke up against the attacks. Mahdieh Golru who previously spent 30 months of her youth behind bars for her activism in support of the right to an education, is again in prison since her October 26 arrest by IRGC forces. Authorities have not disclosed the

Maryam Shafipour sentenced to 4 years in prison by appellate court

Daneshjoonews – Former student activist Maryam Shafipour was sentenced to 4 years in prison by a court of appeals. Shafipour was detained on July 27, 2013 after she appeared at Branch 2 of Shahid Moghaddas Court per order of a summons, and was transferred behind bars at Evin prison. She was held in Ward 209 for 2 months while undergoing harsh interrogations. Eight months after her arrest, Judge Salavati presiding

Amnesty International Norway Holds Gathering in Solidarity with Majid Tavakoli

 DaneshjooNews: Amnesty International Norway held a conference on Iran in solidarity with the 2013 winner of the Student Peace Prize, Majid Tavakoli, an Iranian student leader who Iranian authorities have been holding in prison since his arrest in December 2009. Amnesty opened the event by describing Majid’s student activism and his last arrest. A representative from Amnesty said: “Majid was arrested at a peaceful demonstration on Iran’s Student Day. He